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Car-Tech Auction, Inc. Monday Auction Sale List Last Updated: 3/31/2015 5:02:50 PM
528 Morristown Road Total Vehicles: 35
Matawan, NJ 07747 Sale Date: 4/6/2015  
(800) 868-4700 Time: 10:00 AM EST Mileage Codes

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Sale #Stock #YearMakeModelVINColorMileageTitleDamageStartsDrivesKey
  00407852 2002FORDFocus1FAFP36352W315469  147000  U Regular/Trade InMINOR Yes
  00407853 2002HONDOdyssey2HKRL18982H562404  134000  U Regular/Trade InMINOR Yes
  00407854 2013INFIJX355N1AL0MM4DC350966BLACK 18825  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
  00407855 2003TOYTCorolla2T1BR32E43C127871  186603  U Regular/Trade InMINOR Yes
  00407856 2007LINCTown Car1LNHM84W27Y627388BLACK 361000  U Regular/Trade InMINOR Yes
  00407890 2004TOYTPRIUSJTDKBOU540009560SILVER 0  U Regular/Trade InRear Yes
  00407896 2000MAZDMPVJM3LW28G1Y0125505BLACK 117009  O NJ Regular/Dealer *PRIVATE*MINORYesYesYes
  00407898 2001ACURMDX2HNYD182X1H526064GRAY 191802  O NJ Regular/Dealer *PRIVATE*MINORYesYesYes
  00407935 2000ACURTL19UUA5666YA034619  145000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407938 2007CHEVCobalt1G1AL55F677240752  112000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407941 2002NISSAltima1N4AL11E72C196392  110000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407943 2014INFIQ50JN1BV7AR7EM684502  0  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407944 2007TOYTCamryJTNBB46KX73038505  209000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407945 2010TOYTCamry4T1BK3EK6AU104366  37000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407946 2005NISSMuranoJN8AZ08W75W428661  127000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407949 2009TOYTCamry4T1BE46K09U314159  64000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407950 2009TOYTCamry4T1BE46K89U892882  54000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407951 2005BMW6 seriesWBAEH73435CF95129  96000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407952 2006KIASorentoKNDJC733665517633  0  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407953 2002FORDExplorer1FMDU73E22UB19438  143000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407954 2008TOYTRAV4JTMBD31V386085921  136000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407955 2007TOYTHighlanderJTEEW21A470042054  247000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407956 2003ISUAxiom4S2DF58X334603833  121000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407957 2005TOYTCamry4T1BE32K35U421295  120000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407958 2007TOYTAvalon4T1BK36B47U240230  133000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407959 1999TOYTCamry4T1BG22KXXU880038  105000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00407960 2008BUICEnclave5GAER13768J293484  105000  U /Trade In Yes
  00407961 2008JEEPPatriot1J8FF28W58D553933  129000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
00407711 2009HONDOdyssey5FNRL38219B017832BLUE 73049  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00407523 2008VOLVXC70YV4BZ982081009115WHITE 109384  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00407227 2007LINCMKX2LMDU88C47BJ10089GREY 94256  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00407495 2012TOYTSienna5TDYK3DC5CS222828BLUE 65219  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00407814 2010TOYTCorolla2T1BU4EE9AC346239WHITE 60417  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00407139 2006MERZCLS-ClassWDDDJ75X16A009585SILVER 43732  O NJ Regular/Dealer **DEALER**MINORYesYesYes
00406913 2002JEEPGrand Cherokee1J4GW58S12C121549RED 159096  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
Total Vehicles: 35

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Mileage Codes:

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