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Car-Tech Auction, Inc. Monday Auction Sale List Last Updated: 7/28/2015 9:23:11 AM
528 Morristown Road Total Vehicles: 35
Matawan, NJ 07747 Sale Date: 8/3/2015  
(800) 868-4700 Time: 10:00 AM EST Mileage Codes

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Sale #Stock #YearMakeModelVINColorMileageTitleDamageStartsDrivesKey
  00411006 2013MITSOutlander Sport4A4AP4AU1DE001071White 32603  O /Trade InMINORYesYesYes
  00411007 2008NISSRogueJN8AS58V58W135502  101000  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00411149 2013TOYTSequoia5TDJY5G1XDS088289Silver 59188  O Unknown/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
  00411150 2011BMW3 seriesWBAPK5C55BA655875Blue 69591  O Unknown/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
  00411212 2004NISSMuranoJN8AZ08W54W313457  154690  U Regular/Trade InMINOR Yes
  00411213 2003TOYTMatrix2T1KR32E43C113534  163491  U Regular/Trade InMINOR Yes
  00411214 2006PONTG61G2ZF55B464137395  63539  U Regular/Trade InMINOR Yes
  00411215 2005VOLKGolf9BWGL61J654003586  106576  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00411217 2013HYUNSanta Fe5XYZUDLA6DG001354  66679  U Unknown/Trade InMINOR Yes
  00411224 2008HONDCivic1HGFA16568L032933  0  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00411225 2003CHEVTahoe1GNEK13Z33J181925  0  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00411226 2007MAZDCX-7JM3ER29L570113805  0  U Regular/Trade In Yes
  00411228 2008HONDCivic1HGFA16578L039020  0  U Regular/Trade In Yes
00411097 2002HONDCR-VJHLRD78462C085071Silver 164353  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00410804 2001MERZE-ClassWDBJH82J11X051886Gray 180184  O Regular/DealerMINORYesYesYes
00410805 2001MERZE-ClassWDBJF65J31B350167Black 173078  O NJ Regular/DealerMECHYesYesYes
00410802 2001MERZE-ClassWDBJF70JX1B190852Black 115161  O Regular/DealerMECHYesYesYes
00410356 2007PONTG61G2ZH36N274162594Blue 123878  T NJ Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00411081 2006CHRY3002C3KA43R96H413728Silver 124161  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00410663 2012TOYTRAV42T3DK4DV1CW066842Red 10226  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00410650 2003TOYTSequoia5TDBT48A43S177608Gray 145918  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00409797 2009NISSAltima1N4CL21E69C181956Black 109622  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00410477 2012HONDCivic2HGFB2F53CH330140Gray 43012  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00411003 2004TOYTCamry4T1BE32K74U934676Blue 89964  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00410724 2008HONDCR-V5J6RE48738L046413Blue 84776  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00410626 2012FORDFocus1FAHP3H21CL404021Black 64131  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00411130 2011FORDEscape1FMCU9D75BKB88045White 51597  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00410922 2010FORDFocus1FAHP3FN4AW166223Black 28306  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00409804 2012DODGDurango1C4SDJET4CC152016Black 37852  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00411168 2012TOYTCamry4T1BF1FK7CU595914White 73021  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00411166 2007HONDPilot2HKYFJ8557H518674Green 75924  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00411148 2014SCIOxBJTLZE4FE0EJ054133Black 3137  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00409807 2006VOLKJetta3VWDF81K76M678469Silver 108470  T NJ Regular/Trade InLeft SideYesYesYes
00410038 2012NISSQuestJN8AE2KP1C9033864Silver 21325  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
00410175 2012TOYTRAV4JTMRF4DV1C5051176Silver 10887  O Regular/Trade InMINORYesYesYes
Total Vehicles: 35

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Mileage Codes:

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