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Auto Salvage Auction Questions – Answered!

Do you have a question about our dealer auto auctions ? Look below and see if your question is included here. Otherwise, contact us if you have any other questions about our NJ auto auction and our friendly staff will give you the answers you need.

Q. What is Live Internet Bidding?
A. Live Internet Bidding allows licensed dealers to bid in our dealer auto auctions from their computers against buyers who are attending our live NJ auto auction

Q. Who can use Live Internet Bidding?
A. Only registered buyers with Car-Tech Auction Inc. can participate in our live bidding auto salvage auctions .

Q. Why should I use Live Internet Bidding instead of others on line bidding systems?
A. Our technology allows Live Internet Bidding to run simultaneously with our live insurance auto auction. As you place your bids online, they are received at the auction truck and the auctioneer is aware of it immediately and vocalizes your bid. Live Internet Bidding allows you to participate in the wholesale auto salvage auction without physically being there.

Q. How can I register for Live Internet Bidding?
A. From our website main page, click on the Register  link under the BUYERS section. Fill out the registration forms and submit your application. You will then receive an e-mail confirming your application and it will advise you of what documents you will need to forward to us. Then you can start participating in our auto dealer auctions .

Q. How many users can I have on my Live Internet Bidding account?
A. There will be one user ID allowed per company registering on Live Internet Bidding. You may choose to allow someone to bid for you on line, but you will be responsible for any vehicles they purchase in the auto salvage auction .

Q. When can I preview the sale vehicles?
A. Our website is updated daily. Click the sale list link to bring you to view the vehicles up for sale in our dealer auto auctions .

Q. How do I place a bid?
A. Log on to the Live Internet Bidding screen and click on the tour link. This will give you an overview of the dealer auto auction process. 

Q. Does my Live Internet Bidding registration also allow me to enter and bid at the live auto salvage auction ?
A. No. There is a separate registration fee for bidding at the live sales.

Q. How do I keep track of all the vehicles I purchased through Live Internet Bidding?
A. During the sale you can click on 'My Account' and it will list the vehicles you just purchased in the wholesale auto salvage auction . After the sale you and click on the Account Summary. Be aware of vehicles with Pending listed in the Due column. This vehicle is subject to approval. 

Q. When must I pay for the vehicles?
A. Payment is required within three (3) days starting with the day of the sale at the  auto auction . For example, vehicles purchased on Thursday must be paid for and picked up by Monday. 

Q. May I pay by credit card in the dealer auto auction?
A. No. Our methods of payment are cash (up to $500.00), certified check, money orders or wire transfers. Business checks are accepted once an application has been submitted and approved. Please call our office for the information.

Q. Can I have the vehicles delivered to me after winning an  auto auction
A. Yes. Car Tech Auto Transport can deliver vehicles, which have been paid in full. Please call our office for rates, 1-800-868-4700.

Q. Is my information and bidding in the wholesale auto auctions secure? 
A. Yes. To ensure your transactions are secure when placing bids online in our wholesale auto salvage auctions, our entire website uses a trusted server certificate. We also take extra care to protect your information by using advanced encryption and firewall technology throughout the bidding and registration process. To further ensure your security, we use state-of-the-art SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect personal information from unauthorized use. 

Q. Who do I contact if I have any further questions about the auto dealer auctions?
A. You may email us at or you may reach us at 1-800-868-4700 Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm EST.

Q. I’m looking for a new car and don’t mind one with some dings or dents. Is Car-Tech for me? 
A. Sorry, no. Our wholesale auto salvage auctions are meant for dealers only. That means that only dealers can bid and receive cars. We do not sell to the general public at all.

Q. Do you sell new cars? Can anyone buy them? 
A. Car-Tech is strictly a dealer car auction that is open exclusively to dealers. All of the cars we stock have been damaged but have parts that can still be used. And only dealers can bid on them during our wholesale auto salvage auctions .

Do you have any other questions? Contact us to learn more about our dealer car auctions .